Who am I?

picture of me
  • Florian Waldmann
  • Born 1984 in Heidelberg, Germany - two siblings followed
  • Shocked my mum by taking apart my first computer, an Intel 80386 with 80MB hard drive - but after re-assembling it without any problems I became the IT guy in the family
  • Grew up learning you have to work to earn money - and money gets you the games and shiny geeky gadgets
  • Studied computer science and media at a small, but fine university in the middle of the black forest
  • Worked as a bartender / event helper / waiter / youth animator to earn a living while studying
  • Moved to Hamburg after some internships in Munich (RaySono) and Freiburg (nunnit)
  • Worked in the mobile/browser games industry for 5 years, with the mission to deliver fun and great experiences to players
  • Took part in an oldschool charity rallye around the baltic sea in june 2017 (on a 30 year old motorcycle) - over 8000km, crossing 10 countries in 15 days. More on this here (german content)