What am I up to right now?

First: thanks to Derek Sivers and Gregory Brown for the inspiration to this page. Additonally this also brought me back to updating this site at all.

Apart from tackling the challenges my new job as a UX-Designer for COP CompensationPartner GmbH offers, I am currently into these things:

  • Recovering from my motorcycle crash in april
  • *Postponed to 2017 due to motorcycle crash* Preparing for an oldschool charity rallye around the baltic sea in june 2016 (on a motorcycle older than 20years) - more on this soon here (german content)
  • Building my own living room furniture (desk - done, tv-rack 20%), maybe more about that later
  • Thinking about setting up my raspberry pi with wireless transmitter/receiver to track the temperature and humidity in all rooms - maybe later adding more home automation stuff